Leadership Coaching

Imagine enjoying your ability to work with mostly everyone in your organization. Consider an environment where your employees come to work and respect working for you. Having an organization where everyone comes to work with purpose is possible. Leaders set the tone, it is their influence that creates this. Many organizations out there define Leadership Coaching as the process of developing the leader’s capability to achieve short and long-term goals. It is a customized process that is conducted one on one with goals established to support the leader, organizational purposes and set for a defined period of time.

Many leaders go through good leadership and bad leadership. It is the bad leadership I remember because it really affects people’s lives in a negative way. Many times, as leaders we want to do good for the organization and the people we work with. We make mistakes that many times we do not know why. For me, leadership coaching is a process where a coach uses skillful conversations and development programs to help the leader discover clarity of how they are working now, create the strengths to improve and focus their purpose to achieve the results they truly desire. Coaching supports that development so that the leader can sustain that on their own when the program is concluded.

Benefits of coaching

There are many benefits to coaching for the Individual, be it stress reduction, improved problem solving, decision making, higher self-regard, strengthen interpersonal ability, and a long list of capability development areas.

What I have discovered is it reduces the stress on the leaders, improving their health and ability to work with those in their organization. It empowers them to develop the ability to be responsible to themselves and those they work with. Now consider the effects of how this ripples out into the entire organization. Leader’s set the tone and coaching helps that tone be something others want to work in.

How I Coach

As an Integral Master Coach™, I use Integral Coaching® created by Integral Coaching Canada as my core coaching technique. This method utilizes coaching conversations and development programs that are tailored to a leader’s personality and development objectives. Incorporated in this method, I also use my years of professional learning and experience as a leader, who had success and mistakes, to support the leader’s development. A key component is understanding that the leader knows themself best and it is the coaches job to help them discover it, not tell them it. I develop the leaders trust to ensure they feel supported and guided through their own development. As part of my training, I am also certified to offer an Emotional Intelligence assessment the EQi 2.0 and the EQ 360. This can be conducted as part of the coaching program or on its own.

How we connect

I use either telephone or video communication in order to connect, saving us both time and money in traveling. This also means we can connect where ever you are in the world. I have trusted my ability to use these methods to connect and communicate with others throughout my career in the military and as a coach. If you live in the Greater Sudbury Area, there is a possibility that I can come to your office, however there is an additional cost for this to cover my time and travel expenses.

Meet Shawn

Why I coach

Meet ShawnI got into leadership coaching because I have seen the good and bad leaders throughout my career in the military. Leaders set the environment in any organization and the higher up you are, the more you influence you have. It is not just military leaders I have seen, I have worked with leaders in the government and corporate environments as well, coming from all cultures around the world. I have achieved some great leadership moments, where I stood before teams demonstrating the traits of the good leader during operations abroad. I have also been the bad one, effected by stress and causing unnecessary pain on those that worked around me, while I was thinking I had to be the one that knew everything. Any leader can have change in their leadership, it is always about improving to limit the amount of negative times. It is always hardest to remember the good times, however as a leader the bad times echo in your ear of something to avoid doing again. Having gone through these trails and facing life issues that helped me refocus my capabilities, I want leaders to feel what it is like being a true leader in a workplace created by them, that inspires a better work environment for those they work with. We spend so much of our time and effort at work, we should try to make it someplace where purpose thrives.

Shawn’s Background

Coming from the military, Shawn uses what he has learned as a being a leader through different types of jobs and working with different people around the world. This knowledge supports him in providing you with the best coaching experience that supports your development. He uses his ethos towards honour, integrity, and trust, which are central to his character and business today to ensure his success with you. He is educated, trained, experienced and a professional. He is a family man with a wife and four kids who have journeyed through some great times and rough moments, including learning his hardest lessons when he lost his youngest son, who passed at 17 months young of Tay Sachs.

A PROFESSIONAL: Shawn retired as a Senior Officer in the Canadian Army after 18 years of service. While in service, he focused on planning and leading teams for logistics operations, disaster assistance, crisis evacuations and opening new mission’s worldwide. He was fortunate enough to see many parts of the world and work with other organizations globally, be it military, governments and businesses. Working with so many diverse groups has enabled his ability to listen and understand different people’s concerns, build trust easily and foster supportive relationships to ensure success was achieved. Training, team building, developing understanding of his subordinates and leadership have been all at the forefront of his professional career. Shawn was known for being the person who can be depended on to help find the answers.

WELL EDUCATED AND TRAINED: What gives Shawn the qualifications to be your coach? With 18 years of military training, Shawn has completed several courses throughout his career where leadership theory and practice was a vital component of the learning. Shawn branched out from the military to get other perspectives and insights about working with people and leadership. He completed the Ontario Management Development Program, focusing on Leadership, from Algonquin College. Shawn also completed his Master of Arts Degree in Leadership from the University of Guelph. Shawn is an Integral Master Coach ™, also having completed the 2+ Coaching course from Integral Coaching Canada and is certified to administer the Emotional Intelligence assessments EQi 2.0 and EQ360.


HIGHLY EXPERIENCED: Shawn knows the importance of experience in order to solidify your ability to support others.  Shawn has 18 years of planning, developing training and training others, working in teams and leading people. However, most importantly he has considerable experience actively listening, improving self and others, as well as mentoring and coaching those that have come across his path in life. Besides his experience working with others, Shawn has made it through his own challenges in life. He has transitioned jobs and locations in the military, learning to adapt to the changes in work demands. He has gone through the career highs and lows. He has followed the right leadership path and sometimes ended up on the wrong path. He has battled stresses of life and stresses that can come from military life. He battled through an injury during training that ended his military career. His most important experience was during all of these battles, he went through one of the most testing times in his life. He raised a boy with a rare terminal disease (Tay-Sachs) and slowly watched him pass at the age of 17 months. That was the hardest thing Shawn ever experienced and the most valuable lesson of his life. Losing a son in such a way become a strong lesson he uses to help guide him to be better and to help others see the importance of leading properly to make their lives and the lives of others better.

Shawn has been working on ways to give back and help others. Bask in the Sun was one of the things his boy would do to get energy, bring calm and strength through the journey of his disease. In the final days, his son still got joy and longevity by doing this. It is this clarity of understanding, strength to carry on and purpose to enjoy life, that Shawn takes his Professionalism, Education, Training and Experiences to help you Bask in the Sun of your potential and improve your leadership for you and others.

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