Have you ever thought about how a smile is contagious, how it spreads joy and happiness? I say that it also can help lives and even save them. Think about it, how many people actually get mad when someone is providing a pure whole-hearted smile with only good intentions behind it. If you do not smile back and get angry, then this blog post is not for you, or maybe we should chat www.baskinthesun.ca. A good smile brings joys to others that see it. Now I am going to open up to how it will help you, or how you can help others.

To avoid all the back story, simple thing is I was that guy it saved. Besides things I was dealing with in my career, I had to deal with finding out my son had a terminal disease (Tay-Sachs). Because there was no specific end date with it, I could not leave my job as there was no way of saying how long I would be gone. So, every morning I went to work. Every day I had the same ritual of cuddling my son in the morning before going. Getting into the car was the worst thing, knowing I was going to work when I had little time left with my son. It was devastating and felt like wasting time. However, every day I went. Dreading the day, I started to drive to work.

Every day going to work, I passed the school crossing guard. A kind-hearted lady, every day was smiling, rain, snow or shine. With a big wave and a big smile she would send my way and to the way of many community members driving past her. I am a nice guy and although I was in no mood to smile, I would. I would look and smile. At first, I felt silly, as I wanted to be sad. As time went on, I started to roll down the window and even say hello with a big smile.

So, why would I do this? Well every day she was not there, in all honesty the days were harder at work. The morning smile gave me positivity through the movement of just smiling and taking in the joy of a smile from someone else. When I first got to work, I was not down, I had more energy to move on. The act of kindness from a stranger who did not know me, nor knew my situation. It was the energy I needed to push through at least the beginning of the work day and then when I got home I was recharged again by being with my son.

Now I do not know if it saved my life, I hope I was not that bad, however I am so glad I never had to find out. I do know that the smile every morning made moving on a little better, especially when I smiled back. The energy I got really resonated with me and was so appreciated.

I did introduce myself to her, bought her a Tim Horton’s card and wrote a card of thanks explaining my situation and how her smile saved me. She is still there, she is still smiling, however there I times now I pull over to chat and share what is happening. She is also still smiling at everyone walking or driving by, sharing joy and probably saving other people doing it.

So, I say if you love to smile, please never stop. If you do not smile much, maybe try to some more. You never know when your happiness may save a life, or at least help others through some rough times. 😊

Here is some other great effects of smiling and provides more of the science to what happens. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/cutting-edge-leadership/201206/there-s-magic-in-your-smile