I went to see Shawn to find strategies for managing the difficult aspects of my practice. His insightful coaching helped me to rediscover the joy in my work and to learn about myself, what I want from my profession and to leverage my strengths to achieve my goals.  Shawn has a clear focused vision in his coaching and a good understanding of human nature. Shawn’s encouragement and guidance let me achieve a level of satisfaction with my career that would not otherwise have been possible.

Aaron Tallon
Barrister & Solicitor


Shawn – helped me prepare for retirement by bringing clarity to what was the best fit in that transition. He was authentic, trustworthy and committed to supporting my development and preparation. Shawn was on point in framing a balance in what was important now. The program he assigned was an excellent fit for my needs, which helped developed my strength to achieve a robust lifestyle.  Thank you Shawn!

Past Client


Shawn’s work has been instrumental in helping me to identify and appreciate the inherent attributes necessary for the achievements I have made in my business. Shawn’s approach was responsive to my needs and preferences, and he developed flexible programming that suited them. I enjoyed Shawn’s Socratic approach, as it continuously challenged me to engage in deeper analysis of my fears and hopes, which helped me realize more rational approaches to balancing the needs of my busy personal life with those of my growing business.

Mohamed (Mo) Oshalla, MHSc.
Speech-Language Pathologist (C)


Shawn’s coaching has been key to my successful transition from the role of an expert senior advisor to a director in a new field. Through a personalized coaching program, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of my own psychological and physical reactions to the new challenges I was facing, and as a result, was able to develop new approaches and strategies for success as an executive.

Federal Executive


“Amazing!! Shawn’s approach to coaching helped me to discover extra strength and capabilities I did not know I had, to assist in going through very complex issues in a very challenging environment. His very well planned program allowed me to really think outside the usual frame. Shawn’s emphatic understanding and customized program helped me to find new ways to put together solutions and keep a broader perspective. I was very fortunate to be provided the opportunity to work with Shawn and grow professionally and personally.”

Senior Officer
Department of National Defence

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